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ToKToL makes learning sciences and maths more effective and more fun for your students.

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Active learning with quizzes

At ToKToL, students learn by answering targeted questions.

  • Instant feedback ensures immediate correction of misperceptions and helps keeping students motivated.
  • After each reply, the student also sees background information that gives a deeper understanding of the topic of the question.
  • Complex questions come with detailed explanations that provide scaffolding for students having difficulties with the material.

The learning process is highly effective because students engage actively with the material and because they can focus on what they don't know.

Students learn at their own pace

Every student is different and so ToKToL adapts to each individual student.

  • A sophisticated psychometric algorithm determines the optimal next question given the correctness of responses so far. As a result, the flow of questions is completely individualised.
  • Questions that the student answered incorrectly get repeated. As a result, new knowledge and skills are consolidated rapidly.
The students focus on the tasks that challenge them sufficiently without overwhelming them. In other words, they always stay in Vygotsky's zone of proximal development.

High quality content in sciences and mathematics

The content covers biology, chemistry, physics and mathematics. It has been developed by experts on these fields with degrees from the world's top universities.

Questions cover a broad variety of cognitive skills. Questions also vary greatly in their difficulty so that students can gradually progress from easy to hard material.

The material is evolving constantly to integrate changes in the curricula and users' feedback.


Adapted to national curriculum

The content is developed to adhere to the national syllabuses.

It fully covers the national syllabuses for Singapore (secondary and junior college).

Content for the UK (GCSE and A-level) and US (Advanced Placement) is also available.

Content can be selected at a very granular level so that teachers can decide when to use which content.

Number of questions per subject

Subject All curricula Singapore O-level
Distinct Incl. variants
Biology 2963 1670 1730
Chemistry 2006 2006 2938
Maths 3403 1494 8214
Physics 3759 2131 6401

Flexibility allows many different uses

You get fine-grained control to adjust assignments exactly to your requirements.This means that there is an infinite number of ways you can integrate ToKToL into your teaching.

You can use it for homework, assessment (knowledge or skills), revision, mock exams, flip classes and in many other formats.

And you can encourage self-directed learning by letting students create their own quizzes.


Detailed progress reports

After each quiz, you receive detailed statistics on the performance of each student.

  • Data are provided on specific topics, sub-topics and cognitive skills.
  • You can monitor the progress of each individual student or of the class as a whole.
  • Statistics are visualised with heatmaps so you can identify problem areas quickly.

You can use these reports to see that the whole class has some gaps, or to devote extra attention to students with difficulties in certain areas.

Students have access to their own report. They can use self-study quizzes to focus on the areas where they have weaknesses.


Increase your productivity

ToKToL is easy to use and greatly reduces the time needed for creating and grading assignments and formative assessments.

  • A powerful dashboard helps you and your students monitor their quizzes and assignments.
  • You can get assignments ready in under a minute, with no need to write any questions.
  • All the quizzes are graded automatically.

So you free up time and can focus where your skills have the greatest impact.

It's easy to use for students as well and works anywhere - on their smartphones as well as on tablets and computers.


Formative assessment and adaptive learning with ToKToL

This video summarises a workshop on online formative assessment and adaptive learning organised by the Infocomm Development Authority of Singapore at the Academy of Singapore Teachers

  • Quiz-based learning with instant feedback engages students actively.
  • Differentiated instruction ensures that each student gets the right material.
  • Assignments can be created with great flexibility to adapt to multiple uses in class or at home, for learning, revising or assessing.
  • Detailed graphical feedback highlights trouble spots that may require additional attention.