How-to guides for students and teachers

  • How do I sign up and log into ToKToL with an LMS (AskNLearn, MCOnline)?

  • How do I sign up and log into ToKToL as a member of a school using social networks (Facebook, Google, etc)?

  • How do I take a quiz?

  • How do I create a quiz to study on my own?

  • How do I choose the right quiz mode when creating a quiz?

How-to guides for teachers

How-to guides for teachers

  • How do I sign up as a teacher?

  • How do I create a group and add students to it?

  • How do I create a quiz for my students?

  • How do I analyse the status and results of a quiz I created for my class?

  • How do I delete, cancel, view, copy, edit or hide a quiz as a teacher?

  • How do I see reports about student results?


Trouble shooting

  • There is a bug and I can't do what I need to do.

  • As a student, I can't see a quiz created for me by my teacher. Solution?

  • I cannot start a quiz that I as a teacher created for myself. What can I do?

  • My students cannot see the invitation email to confirm their ToKToL account.

  • I have a problem. Whom should I contact?

  • The background texts usually on the right-hand side are not visible in a quiz. Why?

  • I feel something is missing on ToKToL? Whom should I inform?

  • Why does ToKToL not show the background text before I answer questions?

  • Why should I repeat questions that I have answered incorrectly?