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  • Choose exactly how and what you want to learn. Decide exactly which combination of topics you want to learn, and you get many options on how and in which sequence quiz questions come up.
  • Have a break. You can pause and return to your learning sessions whenever you want to.
  • Know yourself and track your progress. You get access to detailed statistics on your performance. Nothing beats knowing how you are doing now for progressing and preparing for exams.

Active learning with quizzes

ToKToL lets you learn by answering targeted questions. If you don't know the answer - no problem. This is part of the learning process. You will get enough information to understand the answer and you will see the question again.

  • After each answer, you get instant feedback on whether you answer was correct. That way you can learn by your mistakes.
  • You also get background information that gives you a deeper understanding of the topic and puts the question in the broader context.
  • Many complex questions come with detailed explanations to work out the solution.

The learning process is highly effective because you engage actively with the material and because you can focus on what you don't know.

You can learn at your own pace

We all learn differently. That is why the platform adapts to you.

  • A sophisticated psychometric algorithm determines the optimal next question depending on your performance so far. So, for each topic, you get the right questions for you.
  • Wrong questions get repeated, often in a slightly different variant. As a result, your knowledge and skills can consolidate rapidly.
Thanks to our algorithm, you get challenged, but not overwhelmed. You get to focus on what you don't know. As a result, you are able to absorb new material quickly and consolidate your knowledge effectively.

High quality content for science and maths

We cover biology, chemistry, physics and mathematics.

All the material has been developed and reviewed by experts on these fields with degrees from the world's top universities.

Questions cover a broad variety of skills. They vary greatly in their difficulty so that you can gradually progress from easy to hard material.

Adapted to national curriculum

The content is developed to adhere to the national syllabuses.

It covers the syllabuses for Singapore (secondary school and junior college).

Content for the UK (GCSE and A-level) and US (Advanced Placement) is also available.

Number of questions per subject

Subject All curricula Singapore O-level
Distinct Incl. variants
Biology 2963 1670 1730
Chemistry 2006 2006 2938
Maths 3403 1494 8214
Physics 3759 2131 6401

Flexibility allows many different uses

With ToKToL, you can control the way you want to see the questions and choose exactly the topics that you want to learn. This means that there is an infinite number of ways you can integrate ToKToL into your learning.

You can use it for your homework, to prepare classes, to review courses or for revision just before an exam.

And if you are curious, you can also use it to learn a brand new topic.

Detailed progress reports

During and after the quiz, we provide you with detailed feedback on your performance.

  • During the quiz, a performance dashboard shows you how you are doing.
  • You have a summary feedback just after your quiz.
  • If you are logged in, you also get detailed results for each topic, sub-topic and skill.
  • You have access to the full history of your quizzes in your dashboard. So you can see how you have progressed and on which topics you need to focus.
  • If you use ToKToL in class, you can see your performance on a heatmap.